What’s a Goldendoodle Moyen?


Goldendoodles come in different sizes. Goldendoodles are a cross between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle. Golden Retrievers come in just one size, so the size of the Goldendoodle offspring is mostly caused by the size of the poodle. In the U.S., we usually think of standard poodles, miniature poodles, and toy poodles. Standard poodles are around 2 feet tall, the same size as Golden Retrievers. Any poodle less than 15″ tall at the shoulder can’t compete as a standard poodle in official dog shows. Miniature poodles run about 15″ tall, while toy poodles are about 10″ tall.

In Europe, there is another recognized size of poodle: the moyen or klein poodle. “Moyen” means “medium” in French, and this size of poodle is a medium sized poodle, between the miniature size and the standard size: about 20″ tall. In the U.S., this size of poodle is usually considered a standard poodle, just a small one.

“Klein” means “small” in German. It refers to the moyen-sized poodle. This size is not recognized by the AKC. The term isn’t usually used for Goldendoodles. However, if you’re looking at a klein poodle, you can use the size to estimate the size of a moyen Goldendoodle, because a klein or moyen poodle are the same thing.

So a cross between a moyen poodle and a Golden Retriever is sometimes called a moyen Goldendoodle, or Goldendoodle moyen. The term can also be used for a smaller Goldendoodle, regardless of the parents. In fact, there is no standard for the moyen Goldendoodle. Most breeders who use this term follow the naming customs for the moyen poodle.

We have three sizes of Goldendoodles:

  • Mini: 25-30 lbs at maturity
  • Medium: 35-45 lbs at maturity
  • Standard: 55-70 lbs at maturity

A moyen poodle usually weighs 20-30 pounds, so our mini Goldendoodles are just about the size of a moyen poodle. Poodles can sometimes be slender, while Goldendoodles are cuddly creatures. That can account for the difference in the weight range.

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