Your Goldendoodle and Your Wedding

What a beautiful bride — and what a beautiful Goldendoodle!

We’re so happy when the people who’ve taken our Goldendoodle puppies into their homes and lives send us pictures of our superstars!

But including your dog in your wedding takes some planning. Here are some tips for making it work.

Goldendoodles are a great choice.

Goldendoodles are less likely to cause allergy flare-ups among your guests, because they don’t shed nearly as much as your average dog. It’s still a good idea to let your guests know that your dog will be present, though, just in case.

Goldendoodles are sociable dogs, too. Platinum Goldies Goldendoodles are socialized with all kinds of people and animals. If your dog isn’t great with crowds, be sure to spend some time getting her comfortable before you walk her down the aisle.

Goldendoodles are also smart. It’s such a fun idea to have your pooch as your ring bearer, flower girl, or Doodle of Honor. Training a wiener dog to walk down the aisle spreading petals can be a real challenge, but your Doodle will catch on easier than most.

Plan ahead.

Have someone whose only job is to take care of the dog. Keep your Goldendoodle on a leash and have that one special person whose job it is to walk with him, clean up after him if accidents happen, and maybe take him someplace for a little alone time if things get too exciting.

Even the best trained dog has limited experience with weddings and might get overexcited or even a little bit jealous. Have a plan for where your Goldendoodle can go to calm down.

And of course, make sure your Goldendoodle gets a chance to meet your intended and the family before the wedding.

Does your Goldendoodle have a job?

Goldendoodles are smart and trainable, so you can press her into service as a ring bearer (tie the rings to her collar) or station her with the guest book.

Have a back-up plan. The story of how your dog ate the hors d’oeuvres might be funny at your first anniversary party, but it could certainly add to the stress of the moment. Do some risk assessment and make a Plan B for anything that might be an issue.

Get the pictures first.

Your Goldendoodle will be gorgeous in your pictures! It’s a good plan to get those formal pictures early, in a calm setting. Then the casual, spontaneous picture can be fun even if your Goldendoodle is sporting some icing or something.