What Is a High-Maintenance Dog?

Some dogs dig holes in the yard and tear up shoes if they’re left alone too long. Others become a shadow, never leaving their owner’s side. There are dogs that outsmart their owners, dogs that never seem to remember their training, and dogs that require so much grooming that their owner is on a first-name basis with the groomer. What do these dogs have in common? They are all high-maintenance dogs.

What does it mean if a dog is high-maintenance?

All dogs require care and notice from their owners. A high-maintenance dog is a dog that needs a lot of attention. This doesn’t just mean pets and praise, though. The attention that high-maintenance dogs need comes in many different forms.


Dogs that need lots of attention might stay by your side at all times, or get distressed and anxious if left alone for extended periods of time.

Exercise needs

Some dogs have higher energy levels than others. They need extra walks and play time otherwise they might become bored and restless.


Some dogs are naturally independent, stubborn, confrontational, or defiant. These dogs require extra training and patience.

Grooming needs

There are dogs that require very little grooming; occasional bathing, brushing, and a trim here or there is all they need. Other dogs require a lot of grooming in order to maintain the appearance of their coat.

The more care your dog needs in these areas, the higher maintenance he is.

Are Goldendoodles high-maintenance dogs?

Goldendoodles are easy going in most respects. They are intelligent and eager to please, which makes them easy to train. Goldendoodles learn commands and basic obedience training quickly.

They have average exercise needs; they love running, playing, and being active, but they are also content snoozing and relaxing throughout the day. Goldendoodles adapt to their family’s lifestyle.

Goldendoodles are loving and they live to spend time with their people, but they are also content by themselves while the family is at work or school. A properly socialized Goldendoodle gets along well with new people and other animals.

However, there is one thing that makes people say Goldendoodles are high-maintenance dogs: grooming.

Your Goldendoodle needs regular brushing and grooming in order to maintain the appearance and health of his coat. This doesn’t require an excessive amount of time or attention if you stay on top of grooming, but Goldendoodles do have higher maintenance grooming needs than many other dog breeds.

In general, Goldendoodles are low-maintenance dogs that are ideal for families and first-time dog owners. Platinum Goldies has Goldendoodles puppies for sale in Arkansas! Take a look at our available puppies, and call 501-514-1026 or contact us online for more information.