What are a Goldendoodle’s Exercise Needs?

Goldendoodles have average exercise needs. Dogs, just like people, need physical activity every day in order to stay healthy. So how much exercise do Goldendoodles need, and what’s the best way to exercise with your dog?

Goldendoodles exercise needs

A typical Goldendoodle only needs about 30 minutes of physical activity in order to stay happy, healthy, and maintain a normal weight. However, this doesn’t mean that your Doodle can only last for half an hour of playtime.

That 30 minutes of exercise is the minimum amount that your Goldendoodle needs to prevent behavioral issues and health issues, but they can play much longer than that!

Goldendoodles are athletic dogs that can stay in stride with you on your runs and they make fantastic hiking dogs.

Ways to exercise with your Doodle

Goldendoodles don’t need any special types of exercise. Any type of play or physical activity is good for your dog’s physical and emotional health:

  • Play
  • Walks
  • Fetch
  • Chase
  • Hiking
  • Jogging
  • Running
  • Throwing a ball or disc
  • Soccer
  • Agility course at a dog  park

Remember that you don’t need to knock out your Doodle’s playtime in one single 30-minute block. In fact, it’s better for your dog to be active throughout the day; at least once in the morning  and once in the afternoon or evening.

You can spend 15 minutes playing with your Goldendoodle before breakfast and after dinner, or take your Doodle on three 10-minute walks throughout the day. View that half an hour as a minim threshold instead of an end goal.

Understand your Doodle’s needs

While 30 minutes of playtime is great for a typical adult Goldendoodle, other factors can determine how much exercise your Doodle needs.

  • For example, dogs that are overweight may need to move more in order to get down to a healthy weight.
  • A 30-minute walk might be too much for a young Goldendoodle puppy; puppies should gradually increase the amount of playtime they get each day.
  • Older dogs may not have the energy for longer walks, and they may prefer less playtime than when they were younger.
  • Dogs with health issues — such as arthritis, injuries, or deformities — might need to limit the amount of exercise they get each day.

Make sure that your Doodle starts getting his daily exercise at a young age. The more active he is as a puppy, the more active he will stay.

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