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goldendoodle puppiesHey there! Do you catch yourself scrolling the web for a new fur baby? Well, if this is you, let the ladies at Platinum Goldendoodles help match the perfect goldendoodle for your needs.

Are you the laid back, country living type that wants a companion to go on hikes with or just chill on the porch with. If this is you, we have plenty of pups that would fit the description. Puppies are much like children, they all have their own quirks and personlities. We have some puppies that literally want to lay around all day, eat, and get their belly scratched. ( This is totally my kind of puppy). But, if you’re the outgoing, fun loving, personality, well, we have puppies for you, too! This types of puppy personality is more outgoing, a little hyper, but, SO fun. These little guys and gals will meet you everyday with a lick on the face to greet you and a wagging tail!