Understanding Goldendoodle Generations

What’s the difference between an F1 Goldendoodle and an F1b Goldendoodle? What about an F2 Goldendoodle? It can be a little confusing. Here is some information to help you understand Goldendoodle generations.

F1 Goldendoodles

An F1 Goldendoodle is also known as a first generation Goldendoodle.

F1 Goldendoodle puppies have one Golden Retriever parent and a Poodle parent.

This means an F1 puppy will be 50% Golden Retriever and 50% Poodle.

First generation Goldendoodles benefit from heterosis, or hybrid vigor, which means that Goldendoodles are typically healthier than a purebred Poodle or Golden Retreiver.

F1b Goldendoodles

An F1b Goldendoodle is a first generation backcross Goldendoodle.

F1b Goldendoodle puppies have one Goldendoodle parent and one Poodle parent.

This means an F1b will be approximately 75% Poodle and 25% Golden Retriever.

While any Goldendoodle can inherit a nonshed coat, first generation backcross puppies offer the highest likelihood of producing the Poodle’s nonshed coat.

F2 Goldendoodles

An F2 Goldendoodle puppy is a second generation Goldendoodle.

F2 Goldendoodle puppies have two F1 Goldendoodle parents.

Second generation Goldendoodles are much more genetically diverse than first generation and first generation backcross Goldendoodles.

Because of this genetic diversity, it’s more difficult to predict physical characteristics of F2 puppies.

F2b Goldendoodles

An F2b Goldendoodle puppy is technically a second generation Goldendoodle as both of its parents are first generation.

F2b Goldendoodle puppies have one first generation Goldendoodle (F1) parent and one first generation backcross Goldendoodle (F1b) parent.

As with F2 puppies it’s sometimes difficult to predict physical characteristics of second generation backcross Goldendoodles, but F2b Goldendoodles typically develop a nonshed coat.

Multi Generational Goldendoodles

Mutli generational Goldendoodles, or Multi-gen Goldendoodles, have two second generation Goldendoodle parents.


We breed F1, F1b, F2 Goldendoodle puppies, and currently have F1 Goldendoodle puppies and F1b Goldendoodle puppies available. We also have multi-gen labradoodles available!

While Goldendoodles are known to be exceptionally healthy dogs, we do provide a 2-year health guarantee for all of our puppies. Call 501-514-1026 for more information about our Goldendoodle puppies!