Top Quality Goldendoodle Puppies Available Now

Goldendoodle Puppies for Sale

Top Quality Goldendoodle Puppies Available Now!

Platinum Goldies is beyond blessed to be able to raise some of the best Goldendoodle Puppies in the world!

Just look at those cute puppies in the above picture and tell me that you wouldn’t want to snuggle right up to one!

They are adorable and they have the puppy breath to prove it! At Platinum Goldies we truly LOVE the Goldendoodle breed. We love their wonderful

temperament, their ability to learn quickly, and the fact that they have a passion for people. Goldendoodles Love to please their master.

I’m sure you are asking yourself, what makes OUR  Goldendoodles so GREAT????

Well, because they are famous…well, at least famous to us!

For example, this is Copper…you can follow this famous Goldendoodle on Instagram #cmackadoodle




And this guy, right here is a service dog for this precious little boy!

Goldendoodle Puppies for Sale

Goldendoodle Puppies for Sale

And this is Charlie! He is one of our Educational Thrapy Dogs, he helps with all the children at Valley Springs Elementary!

educational therapy dog

educational therapy dog

educational therapy dog

So, see we have Oodles of Doodles of reasons to think we have the BEST Goldendoodle Puppies in the WORLD!

From family companions that just love to lay around the house and be someones best friend, to a educational therapy dog that helps lots of children in a school, or maybe  a child with special needs,  a Goldendoodle is all you need! They are nothing short of amazing!

Give us a call today and let us, help you find that perfect forever companion!

We have lots of babies ready for new homes now!

Check out our Available Puppies page to see them all!