How therapy dogs can help with Autism

How therapy dogs can help with Autism

How therapy dogs can help with Autism


Dogs are known to be very beneficial animals, when it comes to helping individuals with special needs. In fact, we have had several of our goldendoodle puppies that have been trained

as therapy/service dogs for people in need. Especially when it comes to Autism in children.

First off, let’s get a little better understanding of autism. Autism is a neurological disorder. It affects communication skills, speech, and social and motor skills. Their are different spectrums of autism.

A person could be severely, moderately or mildly affected.  And in most cases, individuals with autism have other co-existing conditions such as tourettes, anxiety, ocd, etc.

Because of this, autism can differ greatly from person to person.

autistic boy loving his goldendoodle

Therapy dogs provide great benefits to individuals with special needs. They help to aide people with physical disabilities  so they are able to move about more independently. Dogs are even capable of helping alert

someone before they have a seizure, detecting low blood sugar, and calming people down from anxiety attacks.

Not to mention serving as school therapy dogs. Maybe making a child feel less anxious, or just lending a helping ear while a child reads to the dog.

Goldendoodles are known to make wonderful therapy and service dogs.

They have a wonderful temperament and they are fast learners. Both beneficial in the therapy and service dog world.  Goldendoodles

are also wonderful with children and have a fun loving personality. Not to mention that they are low to non shedding and allergy friendly.

So, if you or someone you know is looking for a therapy dog or service dog, we would love to help!

With the love of a Doodle, nothing is impossible!