The Value of Training Your Goldendoodle

Goldendoodles are famously easy to train. Who knows if this comes from the incredible intelligence displayed by their Poodle parentage or from the fierce loyalty and desire to please of their Golden Retriever ancestry?

It doesn’t matter where it comes from. What matters is the fact Goldendoodles can—for the most part because there are always outliers—learn quickly and retain that knowledge. This creates value. Not of the monetary type. But in your Goldendoodle possessing the ability to thrive, be protected, and grow even closer to his family.

The training that creates value is not the kind where your dog will be competing for best of show on late-night television. He doesn’t have to be prancing elegantly through a series of obstacles or even chasing down criminals. The training that creates value is the kind to make life better for you and your dog.

Consequences of not training

Goldendoodles are loyal and friendly and intelligent, right? What does it matter if he’s not trained? The consequences of not training your Goldendoodle can end being quite severe.

If your dog is not trained with a good recall (“Come!”), for example, he can be harder to control. Not saying this means he is going to attack anyone, but it could mean he might run out into the busy street chasing after a ball, a cat, or a stick. A dog with a good recall can be called back to your side when strange dogs are approaching.

Some dogs get excited when meeting new people—or even family members they haven’t seen in a week or two. A good recall can prevent them from greeting people too exuberantly. 

An untrained dog often does not possess the deep bond with his owner that a trained dog will have. Loud noised like fireworks or motorcycles can frighten many dogs. A trained dog has a special relationship with his family and is comforted by their presence. This can prevent them from bolting away when scared.

What training brings

Training your Goldendoodle in even a few simple commands like a good recall, a down-stay, and a heel will boost his confidence. It also makes you more certain that you can expect good behavior out of your dog when you take him places where it is required.

Dogs read body language almost perfectly. Your mood will often be reflected in your dog’s behavior. If you train your Goldendoodle to obey a few commands and to behave in certain places, he is going to pick up on your pleasure and confidence. He knows those behaviors please you, and since your bond will grow deeper as he is trained, he is going to want you to be happy.

Goldendoodles are very trainable dogs. Making the effort to train your Goldendoodle will increase his value to your family.