The Secret to Grooming Goldendoodles

Grooming Goldendoodles can be intimidating. Maybe you’re not sure where to begin, and you don’t want to mess up your pet’s beautiful coat. There’s a simple trick that can make grooming Goldendoodles easier and much less menacing. Whether you decide to groom your Goldendoodle at home or take your pet to a professional groomer, giving your Goldendoodle’s coat time and attention is key.

Brush regularly

Maintaining your Goldendoodle’s coat with regular brushing is the most important thing you can do keep your pet looking his best. This is true regardless of whether you prefer to groom your Goldendoodle yourself or hire a professional groomer.

Try to brush your Goldendoodle at least two or three times a week. Ideally you can find time to brush your Goldendoodle every day. The more often you brush your Goldendoodle, the cleaner his coat will be.

Regular brushing helps prevent mats and tangles, and also helps remove dirt and debris from your dog’s coat. Most importantly, brushing your Goldendoodle often keeps your Goldendoodle’s coat more manageable. Plus, your pet will love the attention. Make brushing fun and give your pet pats, treats, and praise.

Be thorough

Separate sections of your Goldendoodle’s fur and slowly comb through every inch of your dog’s coat as you brush. Remember the easy to forget areas such as the tail, belly, and chest areas.

Think of brushing as maintenance. When you neglect grooming your Goldendoodle, it becomes much more difficult to do serious grooming. Mats and tangles develop, and your pet may grow to dread bath time and brushing.

Always brush your Goldendoodle before bath time. This helps prevent mats and tangles. Choose a shampoo that will moisturize, rather than dry out, your dog’s skin. Sometimes it will take some trial and error before you find the right shampoo for your pet. Always dry your Goldendoodle immediately after bathing; use either a towel or a blow dryer set to medium or low heat.


  • Try to brush your Goldendoodle every single day.
  • Don’t get in a hurry. Take your time and brush and clean all over.
  • It’s okay to cut out mats. Your Goldendoodle’s coat will grow back!
  • Walk your dog every day to keep his nails trim.
  • It’s okay to leave the serious grooming to the professionals. As long as you do regular upkeep and keep your Goldendoodle’s fur clean and tangle free, you won’t break the bank on professional grooming services for your Goldendoodle.

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