The Right Equipment

Getting the right equipment for your Goldendoodle  

When you bring your Goldendoodle puppy home for the first time, you’ll need some equipment.

Starting with the basics 

First thing you need to get is a leash and collar. It all starts with the basics, and you can’t get any more basic than these simple items. These are not something you should get on the cheap. The flimsy nylon leashes from the vet are not going to work for everyday use.  

When you purchase a leash and collar for your Goldendoodle puppy, you want something that is going to last. The best leashes are made from good, strong leather. You should avoid the flimsy little cords as they can break, possibly leading to your dog getting injured. Avoid anything made with plastic pieces as these can become brittle and easily break. 

The right tugs and balls 

The retriever instinct in Goldendoodles probably means you are going to go through the balls quickly. Since a ball in a dog’s mouth can become slimy after just a few moments, some people use balls on a string. This is fine if you want to keep your hand from getting slimed. But do not use it as a tug. It is not designed for that and will tear up easily. 

Some people use firehoses as tugs, but that is not recommended as they contain metal that can quickly wear your Goldendoodle’s teeth down. The best tugs or pulls are synthetic or linen. Whatever device you choose, please make sure that you replace it as soon as it starts getting worn or coming apart. You do not want your best friend to swallow a piece of material and get an obstruction. 

Dressed for success 

It may sound silly, but you are going to need proper equipment when you start training your dog as well. Goldendoodles are full of energy. You do not want to go through a training session wearing your Sunday best. A good pair of tennis shoes will keep you from slipping in the yard and getting injured while you’re training your puppy. 

You also might want to wear a strong pair of jeans. Nothing stops a training session quicker than having an exuberant dog rip your leg with his nails. You want to be with your dog, not getting stitched up. 

Time is the most important piece of training equipment 

Lastly, you want to set aside the time you will need to properly train your dog. This has to be time for just you and your Goldendoodle. Every moment you interact with your dog after bringing her home is valuable training time. 

So, always take the time to enjoy every moment with your Goldendoodle puppy. These are moments that will bring you closer.