The Benefits of Early Socialization in Goldendoodles

Here at Platinum Goldendoodles we believe in early socialization. We make sure that all our puppies get loved on, meet other animals, and interact with a variety of people. We start socializing your puppy early to ensure they are ready for their new forever home with you. Now, it’s up to you to prepare them for everything life has to offer!

Early socialization builds on natural temperament

Goldendoodles are predisposed to a friendly and engaging demeanor. This is why they are sought out by people from all walks of life! Continuing their socialization through their developmental phases ensures they carry those desired traits throughout their lives. It has even been suggested that improper early socialization leads to behavioral issues later on, such as jumping, barking, and overall nervousness. The good news is – early socialization can deter a lot of these behaviors.

Your puppy is destined to be a highly affectionate dog and their low prey drive is ideal for families with young children and small animals. While exposing your puppy to all kinds of poking and prodding is essential to socialization, you must do so responsibly.

Doing it right

Whenever possible, discourage children from manhandling your Goldendoodle. This includes poking their eyes, pulling their ears, or trying to see what’s inside their mouth! This kind of socialization should only be done by an adult to prevent any stress on your puppy, and adverse behavior later on. The aim is to prepare them for unexpected situations and not contribute to overstimulation that could affect their temperament.

There are many psychological benefits from socializing early. Your Goldendoodle will encounter unfamiliar experiences throughout his or her lifetime, and puppyhood is an ideal time to desensitize them to potentially frightening situations. Loud noises, car rides, and strangers are just a few examples. When socialization happens early, your Goldendoodle will be able to adapt to new environments confidently and support the fun-loving temperament they are already predisposed to!