The 411 on Goldendoodles

If your heart has been stolen by the prospect of owning an adorable, albeit goofy, Goldendoodle, then you are not alone! This dog breed has gained popularity over the past several years due to its intelligent and lovable personality. Every Goldendoodle is different, but there are some traits you can expect with any Goldendoodle.

They were bred to become guide dogs!

It’s true! The Goldendoodle’s original purpose was to become guide dogs for people with disabilities. Originally bred in 1969, they are still among the most popular choice for service dogs. Their Poodle heritage lends itself to keen intelligence, a very high priority for service dogs. 

Get Ready to Get Active!

Goldendoodles are an active breed that would love nothing more than to accompany you on a run, hike, or playtime in the yard. Furthermore, they need to use all of this excess energy. All of that brainpower needs an outlet, right? Be sure to read this blog post for a comprehensive guide on age-appropriate exercise.

Major Water Vibes!

This breed is no stranger to the water. Goldendoodles are excellent swimmers and enjoy regular swim sessions. If you don’t have access to a body of water, consider investing in a kiddie pool. Your puppy will appreciate being able to play and enjoy any kind of water. Be sure to introduce your puppy to swimming correctly to ensure a life filled with water-related antics.

Prepare to be outsmarted…

Goldendoodles are extremely intelligent! Both Poodles and Golden Retrievers are known to be smart and easy to train. Poodles can master a trick or command five times faster than other breeds. That being said, obedience training is essential for raising a well-adjusted Goldendoodle.

Your Life Will Never Be the Same.

Many dogs can make great companions, but, in our opinion, Goldendoodles stand alone! Well, not quite – this breed is an excellent companion for humans and pets alike. Their gentle nature lends itself to lovability from every family member. No matter the size – Goldendoodles are superb companions, goofy sidekicks, and an all-around buddy to everyone!

We have quite a few wonderful Goldendoodles puppies ready now for their forever homes! Call us to find the perfect companion for your family.