Texas Goldendoodles

Texas Goldendoodles

Hey friends! Are you from Texas and looking for a goldendoodle? Well, look no more! We have awesome goldendoodles and can ship to anywhere in Texas! We hand raise our babies and make sure they come to you with excellent social skills. They are all vaccinated and on a deworming schedule by the time they get to you! Our puppies all have a 2 year health guarantee. We also have a wonderful Vet that we work with on a weekly basis to ensure all of our adult dogs and puppies are well-maintained and healthy.

goldendoodle puppy

We specialize in goldendoodles, but we do raise a few litters of labradoodles each year. We chose the goldendoodle breed many years ago when we first saw this beautiful breed at a friends house. Goldendoodles steal your heart so easily! We are located in the heart of the Ozark Mountains, but we do ship to Texas! We have a sold quite a few puppies to our customers in Texas and would like to add you to our list of “past puppies”. We ship all of our puppies with air fright so they arrive to you the same day they ship. We believe this is less stress on the puppy than ground delivery.

goldendoodle puppy bailey

If you are interested in a puppy we like to discuss the puppy with you via phone. We want to ensure we are placing the right puppy with our customers! Please give us a call to learn more about; size, disposition, hair type, etc. Call us today to discuss your future fur-baby!


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