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F1b Goldendoodle puppies raised in the Natural State |Arkansas Goldendoodles

Are you sitting at your computer pondering about a goldendoodle puppy? Well, we have to say, we have some of the most beautiful F1, F1b, and TeddyBear Goldendoodles in the Natural State of Arkansas. We have been raising this awesome breed for close to 10 years now and enjoy these dogs more and more everyday. We catch ourselves building friendships with our past puppy customers and that is one of the best perks of raising Goldendoodles.

We raise 3 types of Goldendoodles at Platinum Goldendoodles. All of our puppies are standard to medium sized goldendoodles. We have puppies that range from 35-65-95 lbs! We can accommodate to your needs when it comes to size, color, and temperament. We have creams, reds, whites, blacks, and sometimes we have phantoms. Our puppies have a variety of temperaments. Just like people puppies have their own personality. We have some puppies that are more laid back and lazy, but we also have some that have a more energetic personality. We can make sure you are paired with the personality that fits yours! We want nothing more than to make sure you are happy with your purchase and your puppy fits into your lifestyle and family!

The types of Goldendoodles we offer are:

  • F1= 1/2 golden retriever 1/2 standard poodle
  • F1b 1/2 Goldendoodle 1/2 Standard poodle
  • TeddyBears 1/2 English cream Golden Retriever 1/2 Standard poodle

Let us help you find the perfect Goldendoodle for your needs! We work hard to breed exceptional puppies @ Platinum Goldendoodles!

Goldendoodles in the Classroom!

Meet Honey! She is one of Platinum Goldies’ Educational Assistance Dogs! Also referred to as EAD, these wonderful dogs are Assistance Dogs that are specifically trained to perform in classrooms. EAD dogs assist teachers with their daily teaching duties! Educational Assistance Dogs are trained to handle different types of classroom …