Should You Adopt an Adult Goldendoodle?

Pet adoption is a perfectly fine way to bring a pet into your family, and it works for many people who choose to adopt a dog. You can find a wonderful dog and a great companion should you choose to adopt an adult Goldendoodle. Adoption isn’t right for everyone, however. There are a few things you should consider before trying to find Goldendoodles for adoption.

An uncertain history

The biggest issue with adopting an adult Goldendoodle is that you don’t always know the dog’s history. You don’t know their parentage, and you probably won’t know what type of life a dog has had when you adopt an adult Goldendoodle.

That’s not to say that all rescue animals have had a bad life, or that they will be skittish or mean, but that certainly can be the case. Goldendoodles are sweet and loving by nature, but even the most affectionate and loyal dogs can change temperament if they aren’t properly cared for. This can be a big challenge to overcome when adding a dog to your family, especially if you have young children.

Our Goldendoodle puppies have healthy, happy parents. They are raised with love and affection from day one, they are well socialized, and they are ready for a new home!

Adult dogs may require more attention

Puppies obviously require lots of time and attention, but you may need to plan to give even more time and more attention if you adopt an adult Goldendoodle.

Bringing a pet into a new home, whether they’re a puppy or fully grown, is a process. They need to feel safe, loved, and they need to feel comfortable in their new environment. This process is often easier and faster with puppies than with adult dogs.

Goldendoodles are smart, loyal, obedient, and they learn quickly, which is exactly what you get with a Goldendoodle puppy. You don’t necessarily know what you’re getting when you adopt an adult Goldendoodle, however.

While the adage, ” You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” isn’t entirely true, it can be more difficult to correct behaviors or train older dogs. And it can be an even bigger challenge to make an adult Goldendoodle feel safe in a new home.

Surprise health problems

Health problems can’t be prevented, and there’s no way of knowing whether or not your dog will get sick at some point in his or her lifetime.

However, raising a Goldendoodle puppy with a healthy diet and making sure that she gets the exercise she needs, as well as regular vet visits, means that you’re less likely to be surprised by health issues down the road.

Goldendoodles are resilient, healthy dogs. What’s more, we provide all of our Goldendoodle puppies with a 2-year health guarantee. You can sometimes be surprised with health problems when you adopt an adult Goldendoodle.

So, should you adopt an adult Goldendoodle?

There’s a certain level of risk involved when you adopt an adult Goldendoodle, or any other pet for that matter. You can absolutely bring home the perfect pet, but you’re getting a pig in a poke. Some people are equipped to handle the surprise twists and turns, but adoption is not for everyone.

Knowing your pet’s history brings a lot of comfort and peace of mind. There’s something to be said for knowing exactly what your Goldendoodle has been though, and being there every step of the way.

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