Seven Superstitions About Dogs

Do you get nervous around black dogs? Do you avoid going home if you’re being followed by a stray? Are you convinced that your dog has an extra sixth sense? There are many different superstitions and myths about dogs, and they’re interesting to learn about even if you’re not superstitious!

The healing power of dogs

Some people believe that a dog’s saliva has healing powers. This is why people believe that a dog’s mouth is cleaner than a human’s. People who believe this myth think that this is why dogs lick their wounds — to heal faster.

Black dog omen

Folklore from different cultures associate black dogs with death and the supernatural. Sometimes black dogs are depicted as ghosts and they are associated with evil. They may serve as guards of the underworld, or they may be the devil himself.

For these reasons people may believe that black dogs bring bad luck, or they are omens of misfortune. Animal shelters report that black dogs are less likely to be adopted than other dogs, possibly due to superstitions.

Dogs have a sixth sense

Some people believe that dogs have a supernatural sixth sense. They may swear that their dog can see ghosts, detect disease, or even predict death.

Trust your dog more than a stranger

There’s a common belief that dogs are great judges of a person’s character. Some believe that a dog can see through the facade of a smile and identify untrustworthy people. If your friendly dog starts barking at a stranger for no apparent reason, think twice about trusting them…

A howling dog brings death

Some dogs are howlers. While you may dismiss your dog’s howling every time an emergency vehicle drives by, others believe that a howling dog is a herald of death.

Don’t bring your dog on a ship

While black cats are typically considered unlucky, sailors in the British isles would bring a black cat on their ships for good luck. However, a dog on a ship is considered bad luck.

Followed by a stray dog: good or bad luck?

Being followed by a stray dog is bad luck… unless you’re in Caledonia. If a stray dog follows you home in Scotland, it’s your lucky day. You’re even luckier if it happens to be a black dog.

However, it’s bad luck if a dog follows you home on a rainy day.

Doodle dogs bring joy and happiness

This one isn’t a common superstition about dogs; it’s just a true fact about Doodles!

Goldendoodles and other Doodle dogs are known for their friendly and fun-loving personalities. They are affectionate, loyal, and highly intelligent dogs that are perfect for families with small children and first-time dog owners alike.

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