Platinum Goldies References

Life with a Platinum Goldies Goldendoodle!

We’re delighted to provide references when you’re considering working with Platinum Goldies to find your perfect Goldendoodle puppy! A a starting point, here’s a letter from a happy customer:

Hi Mindy,

As promised, here are a few pictures from our first full weekend with Maggie. Bailey, my youngest son was at a friend’s house when we took the first picture, but Taylor was heading back to school.  So we took the first shot, and then later in the day when Bailey got home, we took a picture of Bailey with Maggie as well.

Maggie has been a joyful addition to our household.  We had two beautiful golden retrievers, (reds) that were sisters.  Holly and Lucie.  We lost both of them this past year, 2012.  Holly lived a full life and left us in April 2012, and Lucie, who was just getting ready to celebrate her 8th birthday became ill and
left us on the day after Christmas.  So, we went from a very busy houseful of 3 dogs, (our daughter Taylor has a lab/chow mix, Oakley, that just turned 3, but they were just home on Christmas break from college), to no dogs.  Needless to say, it was quiet.  I was ready to take a break from dogs….but not my family.

My husband Todd, and 3 children set off on a mission to find a golden doodle. We had talked about this breed many times, and thought, maybe someday after our dogs were gone….but I never expected it all to happen so quickly.  So, the day after we lost Lucie, my husband and kids met up with Mindy, so we could bring Maggie Mae into our home, yes, less than 24 hours and we had a new dog in our family.  Needless to say, she has been showered with attention and love.  Her temperament is just fantastic.  Even her first day home, you would have thought she lived here since birth.  Thank you Mindy for meeting up with our family to reduce the drive time when they picked up Maggie.  We will keep in touch…I have a feeling there are more golden doodles to come in our home.  All of our family that has met Maggie have asked about the breed and where we got her…so, you will probably hear from some of our family as well.  🙂

Thanks again,
The Grimes Family