Raising babies and goldendoodles | Goldendoodles | Goldendoodle puppies

The title says it all “Raising babies and goldendoodles”.

At Platinum Goldendoodles we stay pretty busy between raising our babies and our “other” babies. We are a two girl gig here at Platinum Goldies and work really hard to keep our puppies happy, healthy, and socialized. We have two pretty cute little helpers that don’t mind helping with the “socializing” part. We have a 6 month old little girl that loves to squeeze and TRIES to lick our puppies to death. You see that I said TRIES, lol! We don’t let her, but sometimes she sneaks a kiss in there every now and again! But, our big helper is almost the big 1-0. Double digits! He is great help; feeding the puppies, cleaning their messes, and loving on them. He has been around the block when it comes to raising goldendoodles. He has been on numerous delivery trips and has been with his mom all around the state!

One thing is definite, our puppies are pre-loved and pre-spoiled before they ever reach you! If you have been thinking that adding a goldendoodle puppy to your family would be too hectic, think again. Goldendoodles are one of the best breeds to raise with your family. They are loving, protective, and very trainable. We believe in this breed! We know that raising a baby is a lot of work, so why would you ever want to add a puppy to the madness? Well, the bond that your baby and the puppy with create in just a few short months is literally heartwarming. Raising your babies with your fury babies will make your heart melt! If you’re thinking you want to jump on the goldendoodle train let us help you! We would love to place the perfect goldendoodle into your family today!