Cavapoo Puppies

The Cavapoo, aslo known as a Cavoodle, is a cross between a King Charles Cavalier and a Poodle (either a mini or toy). The majority of these hybrids is a so-called first generation designer dogs. With two different purebred parents, there’s no guarantee which parent’s genes will be more dominant. Sometimes the traits are combined more evenly, while other times the puppy will resemble one of the parental breeds more. It’s impossible to predict at this point in time.

With low shedding Cavapoo’s make great companion dogs, whose small stature makes them a perfect fit for apartments and singles who like to include their pooch in all things social. A gentle nature means this indoor dog is a terrific family pet. They are wonderful cuddlers, love to spend time just hanging out by your side and doing all things possible!

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