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Are you in love with the Goldendoodle breed, but just not sure about a big dog in your house?

You will be happy to know that Goldendoodles come in all sizes and a mini

goldendoodle just might be the answer for you and your family.

With a mini goldendoodle, you get all the benefits and wonderful qualities of a standard goldendoodle, just in a smaller

package. As a breeder of mini goldendoodles, I will tell you there are a few things to consider about the mini doodles.

First off, everyone probably knows that there is no such thing as a Mini Golden Retriever.

With this being said, you have to breed down to get the smaller mini goldendoodles.

At Platinum Goldies, you will find our mini goldendoodles to range from approx 25-30 lbs in size. We do not believe in going in any smaller than this.

As a breeder and a girl with a agriculture degree, I have studied the genetics of this..and well, let’s just say that Golden Retrievers don’t come in miniature size.

In order to get a miniature goldendoodle that we feel is the correct size, we breed down to a medium f1 Goldendoodle first. By doing this we get females that are approx 30lbs.

We then will breed one of these awesome girls to a miniature poodle, getting an f1b litter that will produce puppies that are approx 20-30 lbs full grown. Another

benefit to an f1b mini goldendoodle is that they don’t shed are allergy friendly.

So, if  you are looking to add a mini goldendoodle to your family, we will be glad to help you out!

We have raised some of the prettiest mini goldendoodles on the planet!

If you don’t believe me, see for yourself….keep scrolling!

mini goldendoodle

mini goldendoodle

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mini goldendoodle