Hey there! Do you have big plans for the weekend or for the 4th of July? We have a big family cookout planned on Saturday and then we are hitting the rodeo road! We are going to enjoy a little “Cowboy Christmas” as many like to call it! Does your goldendoodle get to celebrate with you when you attend family cookouts or functions? We like to take our pets with us, however, this holiday is different! Many dogs do not like fireworks or loud booms! Please remember this when you are out and about this holiday! We would hate to hear that your goldendoodle ran away because they got frightened from the fireworks! It’s always a good idea to keep your goldendoodle (pets) on a leash when you are attending loud functions, because you never know what might make them “RUN!” Also, if you are leaving your furry companion at home during the celebration don’t forget that your neighbors may be shooting off fireworks and you would want to make sure your dog is in a safe and secure place. Sometimes the best choice for certain “dog personalities” is a small or large dog crate (kennel). By putting your pet in a crate they are safe and your items (like your couch) 🙂 are safe too! We hope you enjoy this holiday and stay cool! We are so VERY thankful for all the Men and Women who sacrificed their lives for our freedoms! Have a Happy 4th of July. max



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