Dogs Helping People Heal

Dogs Helping People HealMany people are  not aware that a lot of animals, are able to help people to heal in  different ways. In many parts of the world we are discovering that pets are just  ‘not pets’. They are much more. They are a part of the family and the unit in  whole.

Dogs have become the biggest helper of people. Many of which have come into  the workforce without complaint. They are always willing to help no matter what  job or challenge awaits them. Working dogs do not have to be any one specific  breed as many would think. I have known some kindly mutts who were good enough  to take time out of their busy day to help a child in need of a friend or a  senior citizen just wanting to relax and be with an animal companion.

Some dogs have gone into our nations’ armed forces. They help the men and  women protect our land while in other countries. Many have come back with medals  of honor and were able to retire upon their return.

Other dogs have taken to the streets helping their fellow officers when in  need. They have become ‘heroes’ in their own right. They have also worked with  the fire departments serving as a mascot and at times helping in rescue  efforts.

Having a great ‘sniffer’, their nose of course, is a big deal in their world.  They have helped track a lot of people who were under snow from avalanches. They  have also helped find those who were in a building collapse or just plain  ‘stuck’ somewhere. They are able to find those who may be lost. They also help  us in our school systems. They are able to smell things that we cannot and  therefore are good for tracking a lot of different things.

Dogs in the medical field have been trained to help the blind, to know when  someone is going to have a seizure or any kind of medical emergency which may  require assistance, and they have even been said to be able to sniff out cancer.  Along with dogs, cats and birds have also helped out when it comes to senior  citizens, the disabled and the mentally and/or physically handicapped.

One of my best friends “Bethy” as my little boy calls her had a battle with Breast Cancer. Anyone that knows Bethy knows that she has always been a Dog Lover! Her most loyal four paw company was a Blue Heeler named Denim, I have heard her tell the story about how in her weakest moments of the chemo treatments, when she was feeling the weakest, Denim would never leave her side. If she was laying in bed too tired and sick to move, Denim would be right there with her. Through out her entire battle with cancer, he never left her side. Now that my friends is true love and loyalty!

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