Do you love the Goldendoodle look, but just can’t handle a BIG dog in your house?

If so, let Platinum Goldendoodles come to your rescue. We love the Goldendoodle breed and work hard to ensure that we raise the perfect size Doodle for every family, and if small is what you want, we can help.Β  We will admit, that Goldendoodles “do NOT” come in teacup sizes, but they do come in mini/medium sizes. Because there is no such thing as a miniature Golden Retriever, it is almost impossible to get a toy or teacup Goldendoodle.Β  However, you can still get what is considered Mini Goldendoodle. A Mini Goldendoodle will average about 30-35 lbs full grown and is a wonderful size companion for the home.


Currently Platinum Goldendoodles has a wonderful litter of Mini/Mediums available now in both Apricot Red and Cream colors. Below are a few pictures of the adorable Mini Goldendoodles we have! Call us today and let us help you make your Doodle dreams come true.