You can’t love me like my goldendoodle puppy…

You can’t love me like my goldendoodle puppy…


You can’t love me like my goldendoodle puppy does is a TRUE statement! Every single day, I get home from a long day of work and I’m often tired and just want to have silence. Have you ever felt that way? PLEASE 5 minutes of quiet time… LOL. Well, I get my quiet time with my goldendoodle puppy laying her head in my lap and letting me love on her. At that very moment the hustle and bustle of daily life doesn’t seem so hard. Life slows down and I remember how blessed I am. My goldendoodle puppy has the biggest personality and most loving heart I have ever seen. Do you have a puppy or even a goldendoodle puppy? Do they make you feel like “everything is going to be OK”? Do you know the love of a doodle? My husband laughs often because my girl hugs me like a baby would! She is truly a sweetie-pie and smart to boot!  Let us know about your goldendoodle puppy or your other breed of puppy in the comments section! We love hearing from our viewers and staying in touch! Have a good week and remember “love a doodle”!

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