Learning to Leave Your Puppy Alone

Leaving a puppy alone is a hard thing to do. This is especially true when you have a cute, cuddly, loving, and adorable Goldendoodle puppy! You want to spend every waking minute playing with your puppy, and you want to take her with you everywhere you go. It’s important to learn how to leave your puppy alone, however.

Why is it important to teach a puppy to be alone?

Most people will have to leave their puppy alone at some point in time. Even if you’re retired, you work from home, or you are a stay at home parent, there are situations – from errands to social engagements – where your Goldendoodle will have to wait at home while you are away.

Goldendoodles are very social dogs. They get along great with new people, children, and other animals. Because Goldendoodles are so social, and so fond of being around others, it’s especially important to teach your Goldendoodle puppy to appreciate the joys of solitude.

If you never teach your puppy to be happy and content without company, she may find time alone to be a scary, stressful, and generally unpleasant experience. This can lead to behavioral problems like chewing up furniture, shoes, and clothing, or getting into the waste bin. Goldendoodles are easy to train and they are relatively low-maintenance dogs compared to other dog breeds, but any puppy that isn’t used to being alone will have issues.

Help your puppy learn to be alone.

Many puppies have never truly been left alone. They grow up with their brothers and sisters, and then they join a new family that gives them non-stop attention and affection. Imagine going from constant company to being left entirely alone. That’s going to be an unpleasant experience for anyone.

So, what you want to do is start small. Teach your puppy to be alone for brief periods of time, and gradually build up. Start teaching your puppy to be alone while you are still at home. Five minutes can turn into ten, and then fifteen, and then thirty, and so on. Go at whatever rate your puppy is comfortable with. Show them that time alone is a normal thing and not bad, scary, or a punishment.

Leaving your puppy alone can be just as difficult for you as it is for your puppy, but don’t make a big deal about leaving your puppy or returning to your puppy. This can confuse your puppy and teach them that time apart is an undesirable thing. Try for a low-key greeting and goodbye. Just remember that it’s in your puppy’s best interest!

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