labradoodle puppies


Labradoodle Puppies make great companions!

Have you been searching for that once in a lifetime companion?

Someone that’s always happy to see you and waiting for your everyday when you get home?

Always loving and willing to go with you WHERE EVER you want to go…and always has tons of Kisses to give?

If so, Look NO Further!! Labradoodle Love is just what you need.

Yes, you heard me right…Labradoodle Love…ok, so maybe they have 4 legs instead of 2, but who cares….their loyalty is forever!

Not to mention they are super smart and willing to do whatever you want…Labradoodles make wonderful companions, and they love to meet people.

Labradoodle Puppies like to go on walks, play ball, nap, and give lots of kisses!

They are just what you need to brighten your mood, keep you company, and they are by far the best secret keepers on the planet!

And currently we have the perfect litter of Larbadoodle Puppies available. Why, you ask? Because these sweet babies are multi generational Labradoodles,

so they are non shedding and easy on families with allergies! The 4 babies we currently have available will be about 45-50 lbs full grown. They come up to date

with all their shots and a two year health guarantee!

Call us today if you are interested in one of these sweet babies!


labradoodle puppies


labradoodle puppies

labradoodle puppies

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