Kid Rock the Goldendoodle

Kid Rock the Goldendoodle

Goldendoodle Kid Rock

Kid Rock the Goldendoodle

(also known as Copper)

Do you dress up your Goldendoodle?


Well at Platinum Goldies, we have tons of clients that send us super cute pictures of their Goldendoodles, and you can never tell just what they might be wearing.

This picture came to us from our famous Cooper or better known on instagram at @cmackadoodle

Yes, that’s right, this famous boy has his own instagram account!

And all though he was actually dressed up on this day to head out to the horse races, we thought he resembled the famous “Kid Rock” and to be honest, who doesn’t LOVE Kid Rock?

All Summer Long……

Here are few other cute pics of our Doodles all dressed up!!


goldendoodle puppies


We would love to see pics of your furever pooches all dressed up!!!

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