Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy In Summer

Summertime means fun in the sun! Of course, it’s only fun if you’re staying healthy and safe; there are summertime risks that you must consider. Here are a few tips to keep your dog healthy and happy through the dog days of summer.

Stay hydrated

Water may be the most important thing to consider when it comes to keeping your dog healthy and happy in the summer heat. Water keeps your dog hydrated, and it helps him stay cool.

Always make sure that you have cool, clean water for your dog to drink. This is especially important when you are going places where fresh water is not readily available (hiking trails, beaches, roads trips, etc.).

The American Kennel Club states that you can add an electrolyte-enhanced drink to your dog’s water to help prevent heatstroke and dehydration.

Dogs can’t cool off as easily as people

Unlike humans who can wear less or lighter clothing, dogs have to wear a fur coat no matter what the thermometer says. Also, humans sweat to keep cool, but dogs don’t have this skill. Dogs stay cool by panting and drinking water.

Keeping this in mind can help you keep your dog happy and healthy in the summer.

Cars, dogs, and summer do not mix

Do not leave your dog unattended in a car. It doesn’t matter if the windows are rolled down, or if you park in the shade; the risk is too great.

People intend to run a quick errand, but maybe the line is long, they get distracted, or something else prevents them from getting back to the car in a timely manner; the outcome is tragic.

Your car can reach fatal temperatures in a matter of minutes, even in the shade.

Too hot to handle

Imagine walking barefoot on asphalt in 100-degree weather. Think back to the last time you stood on sand that had been baking in the sun all day long.

We wear shoes to protect our feet, but most dogs don’t wear shoes when they leave the house.

Be mindful about walking your dog, and avoid talking on hot pavement or sand during peak sunlight hours.

Rethink your walks

Your dog must go on walks to stay healthy, even in the summer. However, walking your dog in the summer looks different than walks during other parts of the year.

  • Make sure you take frequent breaks, especially if your dog is getting too hot.
  • Always carry enough water for you and your dog.
  • Walk during the morning and evening when it is cooler.
  • Save jogs and runs for cooler weather. Go at a slower pace to keep your dog from overheating.

Protect your dog from pests

Ticks are thick in the warm summer months. Stay on defined trails and steer clear of tall grass. Keep your grass cut short throughout the summer. Talk to your vet about flea, tick, and heartworm treatments. Always check your dog for ticks after returning from outdoor adventures.

Keep your dog away from chemicals

It’s surprising just how often your dog may be exposed to toxic chemicals. Maybe you spill some gas in the driveway while fueling up your lawnmower. Maybe you treat your lawn with chemicals, or you spray for pests.

Don’t let your pet go around those chemicals for at least 24 hours.

Treat your pet

Frozen treats are a fun way to help your dog stay cool in the summer.

Freeze chicken broth, freeze fruit, or place some peanut butter in a freezable chew toy!

Take a dip

Goldendoodles love to swim, but some dogs aren’t strong swimmers. Make sure that your dog knows how to swim before taking him out on lakes and rivers. Consider a dog life vest even if your dog is a strong swimmer. Always keep an eye on your dog while he is in the water.

A summer haircut

Not all dogs should have a summer haircut, but Goldendoodles enjoy a shorter haircut in hot weather. Shorter hair helps keep your Doodle nice and cool, and it also helps during your tick checks.

Laze in the shade

Make sure that your dog has a well ventilated and shady area to relax in. This is especially important for outside dogs. Consider making an exception to your “no dogs in the house” rule during the summer months and let your outdoor dog enjoy some central air conditioning.

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