Looking for a Hypoallergenic Dog

Looking for a Hypoallergenic Dog




Do you love dogs, but suffer from allergies?

There are lots of people that love dogs, but suffer from allergies. If that’s you, then we have some good news. Goldendoodles

are some of the best dogs on the planet and they are extra special because they are easy on allergies. And depending on how severe your allergies are,

will determine the type of Goldendoodle you will need. Now, let’s be honest, there is NO dog that is 100% hypoallergenic, but there are certainly some

breeds out there that are super easy on allergies and here at Platinum Goldies, we are lucky to raise one of them.

Let’s get started with F1’s they are a 50-50 cross. So, 50% Poodle and 50%Golden Retriever. They are great for families that have light to moderate allergies. And not only are they

easy on allergies, they are also easy on the cleaning lady…why?? Because they are low to non shedding. I have two F1’s and they don’t shed at all, and I love it!

However, if your allergies are severe, you will want to go with an F1b. The F1b is a Goldendoodle bred back to a Poodle. So, you get a puppy that is 25% Golden Retriever and 75%

Poodle. With this cross, you will get a Doodle that is very curly and will have more of the Poodle characteristics. But hang on, we aren’t done just yet..we also raise F1bb Puppies.

What is an F1bb Goldendoodle…F1BB = 12.5% Golden /87.5% Poodle. An F1BB would be a super choice for someone with major allergy concerns. They are 87.5%

So, if you are looking for an allergy friendly dog, please give us a call. We would love to help you find that just right Goldendoodle companion!

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