How Big Are Goldendoodles?

Goldendoodle Size Information

Goldendoodles come in three different sizes! The Standard sized goldendoodle is the largest of the goldendoodle breed. This size can range between 50-75 lbs and sometimes larger. Most of our goldendoodles that are standard sized will top at around 50-60 lbs. The Medium sized goldendoodle is going to be around 40-50 lbs at their maturity level. This size is for someone looking for all of the goldendoodle qualities, but is wanting a smaller dog! The last of the three sizes is the mini goldendoodle. This size of goldendoodle will be around 25-35 lbs.

Considering what size you are looking for before  you buy.

Many people don’t think about the different sizes in goldendoodles. One of the most common questions we get asked is, “how big will he/she get?” Well, it depends on the actual puppy. Like I stated above, there are many different sizes in with this breed. Make sure you are ready to commit to the size of your puppy and make sure you have the proper living environment for your future pup!