High Energy Goldendoodles

You’ll often hear Goldendoodle owners talk about their high energy Goldendoodles. What does that mean?

Is “high energy” a euphemism for badly behaved?

Sometimes people say a dog is “high energy” when they really mean the dog jumps around uncontrollably, nips people, or yaps whenever a squirrel gets within 100 feet of the house. These dogs are highly strung, nervous, and exhausting. Bless their hearts.

When people use the term “high energy” for this kind of dog, they’re being kind.

That’s not what Goldendoodle owners are talking about.

High energy Goldendoodles

High energy Goldendoodles aren’t nervous or badly behaved. They’re pretty chill, in fact. Goldies love snuggling up with their owners and relaxing.

But they also like to get outdoors for long walks and to play with people and other dogs. Goldendoodles need exercise. They won’t be happy or healthy if they’re cooped up all the time.

Goldendoodles are just the right dogs if you need a buddy to get you up off the couch for a walk every day. Research shows that people who walk their dogs are 150% more likely to reach the government exercise recommendations of 150 minutes a week of movement. They’re less likely to have diabetes and heart disease, too. Walking a dog is good for you and good for your dog.

They’re great playmates for kids, too. Children need to get outside and work off energy, for their mental and physical health. So does your Goldendoodle.

Right size your puppy

Goldendoodles come in different sizes. If you enjoy a couple of brisk walks each day, choose a larger size. If you live in an apartment and need a dog that can play indoors, choose a smaller Goldendoodle.

Any Goldendoodle will appreciate the opportunity to play in a securely fenced yard.


One of the most interesting things in the research on dogs and energy is that people who feel close to their dogs are much more likely to take those dogs out for walks. Our Platinum Goldies puppies are well socialized, and we see how their owners love them — just the way we do. That makes a high energy Goldendoodle a good thing.