Helping Your Goldendoodle Puppy Transition to the New School Year

Maybe you brought a new Goldendoodle puppy into your home this summer. He got to run and play and go on all sorts of exciting adventures over the past few months! From visits to the farmer’s market downtown, to lazy days on the lake, to hikes and overnight camping trips, your new Goldendoodle puppy has been living it up and loving the constant attention. Of course, the back to school season brings a lot of changes.

If your puppy has gotten used to being around people at all times, suddenly being alone for 8+ hours a day will come as quite a shock. It can even lead to separation anxiety. While you can’t change being at work and the children being at school, there are some things that you can do to help your puppy with the transition to a new school year. Here are some tips to help your puppy adjust to the new back to school schedule.

Subtle exits and warm entrances

Practice ducking out and coming home in a calm way. You can, of course say goodbye and greet your Goldendoodle puppy, but you don’t want to cry, carry on, and make a big deal about coming or going. Teach your puppy that being alone isn’t a bad thing!

Teach your puppy to be more independent.

Goldendoodles love being around people, but teaching your puppy to be independent will help him while the family is away. Start by teaching him to stay, and practice leaving the room or being on the other side of the room while he stays.

Wear your puppy out first thing in the morning

Go for a walk or jog in the morning to help him get his energy out. This will help release some of that pent up energy in the morning, it gives your puppy a chance to relieve himself before the family leaves for the day, and it’s a great way for you to get exercise, too!

Create an special area for your dog

Make special place for your Goldendoodle – a safe and appealing space. This can be indoors or outdoors.

If it’s inside, make sure that doors are closed and that there’s nothing that your dog can access – electrical cords, cleaners, etc. – that might cause harm.

If it’s outside, make sure that there aren’t holes in the fence, and make sure that there aren’t any large gaps between the fence and the ground.

Be mindful about food and water

Provide fresh, clean water and food before you leave. Not so much that your puppy has accidents, but enough so that he isn’t too thirsty or too hungry.Have someone visit your puppy

Consider hiring a dog walker. If a neighbor or relative lives close and has time, see if they would like to check on your puppy during the day.

Help your puppy focus his energy

Goldendoodle puppies are easy to train, and they aren’t too demanding, but any dog that gets bored might chew on your stuff. Keep chew toys with a variety of textures readily available for your Goldendoodle puppy.

Give your puppy a distraction

Fill a toy with treats or peanut butter. This can keep your puppy occupied for hours!

Give your puppy lots of love when you are around

You won’t have any problem giving your Goldendoodle puppy plenty of attention for the time when you are around him. Take him on walks in the mornings, have playtime after school, and take him on walks in the evenings.

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