Grooming your Goldendoodle

You know you love to feel like a million bucks. Few of us would turn down an afternoon at the spa, getting our hair washed and cut, having a nice mani-pedi, and finishing the day with a little relaxation. Your Goldendoodle is not going to be any different. She loves to be pampered and groomed. But more than just feeling great to her, grooming your Goldendoodle is vital to keeping her healthy and full of vigor.

What are the grooming needs of your Goldendoodle? Here’s a quick rundown.

Grooming frequency

Goldendoodles need their coats brushed more often than other breeds—every day isn’t a bad thing. Afterall, most people brush their hair every day. Brushing helps keep the coat healthy and vibrant, removing loose hairs. Though Goldendoodles may not leave clumps of hair like other dogs, loose hair does get caught up in their curls.

Brushing will also stimulate the production of oils that will help keep her coat shiny and healthy. This may seem like high maintenance, but it is really keeping her in top condition. If the loose hairs are not removed regularly, they can cause matting, and that could be painful and expensive to have brushed out. 

If you can’t manage everyday brushing, you should try to do it every third day at a minimum. And if you don’t like the shaggy, unkempt look, you should look at keeping her coat trimmed regularly. A good tip to remember is to brush before bathing. You do this in order to keep the mats from setting in harder when they get wet. We reccomend a BIG Tooth comb for your Doodle. You want to make sure and get the teeth down to the skin on our Doodle to prevent tagles and mats. Combing out your Doodle weekly will help with this. Click the link below to order yours today!



For quicker drying time, we use this amazing professional grooming blow dryer called “The Flying Pig”, Click on the link below to get yours!

Goldendoodle pedicures

It’s relaxing to have your feet pampered by receiving a pedicure. Humans get pedicures to keep toenails from splitting or looking ragged. Same for your Goldendoodle. Especially if she plays outside a lot, her nails are going to take a physical beating.

If you don’t keep good care of her nails, trimming them once or twice a month, they break or split which could cause your Goldendoodle discomfort and even pain. You can find videos or articles that can help you learn to trim her nails properly and safely. But no worries if you don’t feel confident doing it. A reputable dog groomer can help you out here.

Ears and teeth care

We brush our teeth to prevent cavities and other related health problems. Your Goldendoodle needs this done too. She may not like it at first, making it a struggle, but a treat given when it’s time builds positive associations. Dog toothpaste is a real thing because you shouldn’t use human toothpaste on your Goldendoodle.

Nasty things like dirt, bacteria, and yeast can build up in a dog’s ear. Check with your veterinarian to get the proper ear cleaner.

Remember, it’s important to keep your Goldendoodle well and regularly groomed. She’ll love it, she loves your attention, and it keeps her healthy and happy.