Goldendoodles: The Perfect Family Pet

Goldendoodles: The Perfect Family Pet

Animal Planet described Goldendoodles as “the perfect family pet” on their Dogs 101 series. Well, they’re right! You can see it in this precious photo one of our Platinum Goldies families sent us.


Both Poodles and Golden Retrievers are loyal family pets that are good with children. Goldendoodles have the friendly, laid-back nature of a Golden Retriever. Platinum Goldies Goldendoodles are raised on our family farm in Arkansas with plenty of socialization with kids, adults, and other animals.

Bringing Goldendoodles puppies up with plenty of love and play time lets their affectionate nature blossom. You’ll love coming home after a long day to a snugglebug like your Goldendoodle!


Both Poodles and Golden Retrievers are known for their smarts and their ability to learn. They’re smart and energetic, so the time you spend training them will pay off.

This means a well-behaved dog you can enjoy spending time with. You can trust your Goldendoodle with your children and they will be treasured members of your family.

The cuteness factor

Animal Planet said that a lot of the popularity of the Goldendoodle is “the cuteness factor.” Obviously, that’s true. But Goldendoodles have different looks, depending on their parents and how you choose to groom them.

The coat can be wavy or curly, in a range of colors. But all Goldendoodles puppies are cute!

goldendoodle puppies

Here’s James, a super cute little boy ready for his forever home. Call us to take James home with you!

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