Goldendoodles Ready Now for New Families


Goldendoodles Ready Now for New Families


Has your family been considering adding a Goldendoodle puppy to the mix? Well, if so we can help you out. Platinum Goldendoodles currently as some amazing F1b and F1 standard Goldendoodles on the hunt for their new forever families. We have been in the business of making Doodle dreams a reality for over 15 years. The girls behind the scenes at Platinum Goldendoodles, are in know when it comes to Goldendoodles. We strive to make sure that each family finds just what they have been looking for.


Goldendoodles make great family companions because they are smart, friendly, and eager to learn. They are quick learners so, if you spend time with your new puppy, the transisiton will come easy for both parties.  A couple of tips from us when training your new furry friends.


Always crate train!

Use the same command every time. ( go potty, do your business) but never mix it up.

Bells on the door. Ring them when you go out, then they associate the door opening to the bells…easy peasy.

Reward them. They love positive reinforcement. 

Get a crate with a divider so  you can section off and not give them too much room to begin with.



Now, if you have been considering adding a furry friend to your family, take a stroll on over to our available puppies page. If you find a puppy you love and have questions, call us 501-514-1026 or send us a message.  We love to talk about our babies.