Goldendoodles of Instagram

Goldendoodles of Instagram

goldendoodles of instagram

Does your Goldendoodle have his or her own Instagram Page?

Platinum Goldies is blessed with wonderful, fun loving clients, that LOVE their Platinum Goldies Goldendoodle.  In fact, we have several of our

past Goldendoodle puppies that actually have their own Instagram page. This is a great way for us to be able to watch our past babies grow up,

and a super fun way for us to be able to keep up with all our wonderful new found Goldendoodle friends. Instagram makes it easy to post pictures

and share with all your family and friends! To follow Platinum Goldies just look us up on instagram #platinumgoldies and follow us or if you

already have an instagram account and want to share pictures of your four legged friend with us just tag us #platinumgoldies

Here are just a few of our past babies that have their own Instagram Account, feel free to follow them as well, and let’s watch these cute

Goldendoodle babies grow up together!!

goldendoodles of instagram





Another great way to find all our wonderful Goldendoodle Puppies on Instagram is click on the search and type in #platinumgoldies

Happy Following!!!


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