Goldendoodles Make my Heart Happy!

Goldendoodle Puppies for Sale - Platinum GoldiesSo… the title reads “Goldendoodles make make my heart happy”… Do they make your heart smile? They are so fluffy, lovey, smart…. I could literally go on and on and on… But, I won’t annoy you with all the reasons I love goldendoodles. I want to know why you love your goldendoodle!

I really love the fact they don’t leave yucky dog hair all over the place and they are so easy to potty train. I’m pretty sure they are easier than a small child.. NOT that I would compare a dog to your small child at all! But, Really! Another reason I love goldendoodles is because they have human like personalities. They know when your up, down, or just feeling LOST! I know I”m not the only person that gets caught talking to dogs more than I want to admit!

lynseyAnyways, let me know… I want to know why you LOVE your goldendoodle! If you don’t have a goldendoodle and want one, call me! 501-514-1026

I want to help you find the “right” puppy for you! Matching people with the perfect baby is the best feeling ever!  Call me to let me help you! I would love to share the doodle love with you! Happy Saturday to you!