What is your goldendoodles favorite chew toy?

Chase - Goldendoodle Puppies

Does your Goldendoodle have a favorite chew toy? Some doodles seem to love to chew on tennis shoes, throw pillows, or the babies paci! But, if you find the “right” chew toy for your doodle they will become satisfied and leave your items alone! We have tried a variety of different toys here at Platinum Goldies. We have tried fluffy toys, hard toys, squeaky toys, and rope toys… None of these toys seem to satisfy our goldendoodles. However, the toy that our goldendoodles seem to really enjoy is the Kong Extreme and all natural pig ears. Both of these items seem to hold up and they give the dogs the texture they are desiring to chew on. We are really impressed at how well the Kong holds up. We value our dogs so much that we don’t want them chewing on things that they will swallow or get sick by eating. We highly recommend the Kong for your goldendoodle if you haven’t tried it! We love to see our dogs enjoy their toys because who doesn’t want “happy” doodles!? Our doodles are really part of our family and we want to make sure they are getting the attention they deserve, therefore, they are SPOILED with awesome treats!  Our “doods” love anything natural  (like ham, chicken, or beef filled treats).  They love the pig ear (you can get them from you local Co-op or Petco). We want to hear from you… What is your doodles favorite chew toy? Let us know so we can spoil our doodles with some new toys that you recommend! We love hearing from you guys! Happy Tails!

Goldendoodle Puppy - Chance