Goldendoodles in the Classroom!

Meet Honey! She is one of Platinum Goldies’ Educational Assistance Dogs!

Also referred to as EAD, these wonderful dogs are Assistance Dogs that are specifically trained to perform in classrooms. EAD dogs assist teachers with their daily teaching duties!

Educational Assistance Dogs are trained to handle different types of classroom environments. They provide motivation for students to learn and are known to increase the teachers’ productivity. EAD dogs get hours of training before they are qualified, but all that hard work pays off!

Honey does all her work right here in Arkansas!

She has been training for the past year to meet all the qualifications and she is doing wonderfully. She starts her day off greeting the children in pick up line every morning! You can also find Honey walking the halls at school, visiting classrooms, and participating in daily activities.

The children love being greeted by her every morning. She has became part of their daily routine at school.

The children also  love to read to Honey.  That’s right, kids love to read to her!  Everyone knows that reading in front of a classroom can sometimes be a little intimidating, but kids seem to forget all about that when reading  to an EAD dog.  Dogs are easy to read to and they make great listeners.

Honey has her own special “office” at school and if she is needed to help a child out, all they do is give her a call.

Reasons you might need Honey?

  1. A child might be locked up on a test
  2. Maybe a child has experienced a tragedy and they need someone to love on.
  3. Having trouble reading in the classroom?
  4. Maybe they need a listening ear?
  5. To boost the morale of the classroom… among students and staff.

The mood in your workplace can have an impact on productivity. Look at this face. Wouldn’t this help on a tough morning?

To learn more about Educational Assistance Dogs,  check out this awesome website!