Goldendoodles are good for your health | Goldendoodle puppies

Goldendoodles are good for your health | Goldendoodle puppies

Did you know studies show that dogs are actually good for our health?

Goldendoodles have many positive impacts of their owners. Some people may consider a dog as an annoyance. “You have to walk them, train them, they depend on you…” I know we have all heard someone come up with these excuses as to why they don’t want a dog. But, those excuses are actually holding them back from having a healthy life.

A 15-30 minute daily walk can give you enough cardio to help maintain a healthy life.

Having a dog can help you become a more healthy person because you do get up! You get off the couch, take your dog on a walk, a swim, or a hike! You have someone who is loyal and loves you no matter what. The companionship that dogs provide may not provide any physical health benefits, but mental health benefits. The feeling of knowing someone (even if that someone is a dog ) is waiting for you at home is reassuring.

Dogs can be a lot of work! There isn’t anyone that is going to tell you that dogs aren’t work! But, they are so rewarding too!

Let us help you find a companion to help you jump into a healthy lifestyle!

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