Goldendoodle Travels, Part 1: Should You Take Your Dog with You?

Goldendoodles can make terrific travel companions. They shed very little or not at all. They’re super smart. They’re affectionate and like hanging out with you. In many ways, they’re just the kind of friend you’d like to take on a trip with you. Chances are your Goldendoodle travels well.

But there are also good reasons for not taking your beloved pup on a trip. Here are some things to consider when you’re deciding.

What kind of trip is this?

If you’re bringing your Goldendoodle on a trip, you can check to make sure that you’re choosing a pet-friendly hotel or AirBnB. But Goldendoodles aren’t at their best staying alone in a hotel room for long hours while you’re on a business trip. So look at your schedule honestly.

Will you have time to get back to the hotel for a long midday walk with your pooch? Or will you be engrossed in a conference, a bus tour, or 18 hours of closely-choreographed wedding activities?

Goldendoodles can be great on a road trip, but it makes sense to think about your schedule and your traveling companions before you make up your mind. You know your dog. If the trip isn’t going to be fun for your pup, he or she may be happier at home.

What are your care options?

Goldendoodles usually get along well with other dogs and other people, so a visit to the kennel might be happy spa time for your pet. Or you might have a trusted friend or relative who’ll be happy to be the dogsitter while you’re away.

Professional house and dogsitters are another option. Make sure to check references. This route might cost more than having your brother stay over, but you can also probably feel more free to be demanding. House sitters may offer cleaning, plant watering, and other services as well as just keeping your dog company.

Whatever option you choose, try it out for a morning before you leave. If your Goldendoodle is happy with the arrangements, you can head out on your travels without worrying.

If your Goldendoodle travels well, will having your dog along improve your experience?

If you’ve determined that your four-legged friend will enjoy the trip and also enjoy the staycation you have in mind for him or her — then it’s down to your preferences. If having your precious pup along for the ride (or plane trip, or whatever) will keep you happier, go ahead and bring your dog. An uncomplaining travel companion can make everything more fun.

On the other hand, if you can do without taking care of your fur baby while you climb mountains or negotiate contracts, your dog will be super happy to see you when you get home. That’s worth a lot.