Goldendoodle Puppies by Platinum Goldendoodles located in Arkansas


Goldendoodle Puppies by Platinum Goldendoodles located in Arkansas


Have you been searching for a goldendoodle puppy?

Well, if so, you are at the right place. Platinum Goldendoodles has been raising this amazing breed for several years, and we specialize in raising top quality goldendoodle puppies! We truly love this amazing breed.

Goldendoodle puppies are known for being very smart. The fact that they are very smart, helps them to learn quickly. Goldendoodles are easily house broke, and if given the proper training they are quick to learn other commands as well. We are fortunate in that,  we have had several past puppies that have moved on to become Therapy dogs and Service dogs for several clients.  We even have some of our past goldendoodle puppies, that are now Educational Therapy dogs in schools.

Another great benefit of the Goldendoodle, is that they are low to non shedding, and allergy friendly. So, if you love the house dog concept, but hate the hair, then this breed could be the right fit for you. And we all know that allergies can run in any family, so having a dog that is easy on allergies is just another perk!


Not to mention, goldendoodle puppies are fun to love on, and have wonderful personalites. They are sweet, loving, and enjoy people. This breed is truly a people friendly dog….and they are great in helping you meet people.  How you ask?

Well they are also known for their great looks, Soooooooooo,…when you go for walks or hiking, you are very likely to have someone ask you, what kind of dog you have. Just another reason goldendoodles are great!

However, the majority of our goldendoodle puppies, move on to be family. Yes, that’s right, family. Our clients are some of the best on the planet and they love to share updated pics of their goldendoodles as they grow through the years, and we love to share them! Below you will find some of our past goldendoodle puppies, and if you check out our available puppies page, you will see the goldendoodle puppies we currently have ready to find new homes. All of our puppies come up to date with all their shots and a 2 year health guarantee! Please share this post, if you know someone looking for a goldendoodle puppy, of if you know someone that needs their day brightened!



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