Goldendoodle puppies are lifetime friends!

Hello, again! We have something to say!!! Its a fact…Goldendoodle puppies are lifetime friends.

goldendoodle puppiesWhy you ask? Well, just ask our past customers! We receive lots of sweet emails, facebook messages, and text showing how goldendoodle puppies are lifetime friends! The joy that is brought to our customers from our goldendoodle puppies speaks for itself.child

I honestly look forward to delivering our goldendoodle puppies to their new families,  because I love seeing the love and joy on the new owners face! Goldendoodles are so compassionate, loving, and smart that they make the ultimate pet. They live to please their owner and love to be in the company of people. They are hilarious. Goldendoodles LOVE to hug! Literally, they give the best hugs ever! They are playful and fun, but they know when you need someone to listen or someone to cry to! Goldendoodle puppies are absolutly the cutest dogs ever! They are like walking and living teddy bears! Their curly hair and happy personality make them so hard to resist! They have wonderful coats that are low to non-shedding and they are hypoallergenic, which make goldendoodles wonderful pets for people with or without allergies! How many reasons do I need to give you to prove that goldendoodle puppies are lifetime friends… dd

SO, now I ask why wouldn’t a goldendoodle puppy be a lifetime friend to you?

If you are ready for the type of friendship that will never fail you, let the girls at Platinum Goldies help you find the perfect companion!

 We hope you had a great Sunday with your friends and family and a Blessed Easter!!!