Goldendoodle Puppies Make Great Gifts

We get great letters about our Goldendoodle puppies! We work hard to make sure that our Goldendoodles are healthy, happy well-rounded dogs when they go to their forever homes. It’s gratifying to get letters and photos like these!

Thank you so much for giving us the sweetest puppy! She has been such a joy to our lives and especially my son’s life. Rosabelle AKA Rosie is very playful, outgoing and lovable. She keeps us on our toes always wondering what we are doing and if she can do it too. Rosie was a Christmas present he will never forget and thank you for making that possible.

A pet can make a great gift for Christmas, birthday, back to school, or any other occasion. There are some important things to think about when you give a puppy as a present.

Keep it in the family.

A puppy is a big commitment. When you give a wonderful Goldendoodle puppy to your child, your husband or wife, or perhaps to a parent, you’re accepting that commitment yourself. Giving a dog to a friend as a surprise may commit your friend to caring for an animal when he or she doesn’t really have the time or the desire to care for a dog.

A family pet is a great gift, though. Goldendoodles are bright and easy to train, they shed very little or not at all, and they come in sizes suitable for homes from tiny apartments to big country spreads. They’re also friendly and great with kids. This makes a Goldendoodle a better choice for a gift pet than a more challenging dog.

Be prepared.

A gift dog shouldn’t be a surprise. A surprise for your child, okay, but you need to have everything in place to care for your new fur family member. If there are other adults in your home, make sure they’re ready to add a pet to their lives. And it’s not a bad idea to talk with your child about the responsibility of owning a dog.

You as a parent should be ready for the responsibility, even if your child has been wishing for a dog. Realistically, parents often end up being the primary caretakers for a child’s pet.

Goldendoodles need walks. They may have accidents as they adjust to their new forever home with you. They’re not toys that can be put away.

Of course, they also bring a lot more to your family than a toy ever could. As Rosabelle’s owner said above, they bring joy to your lives. You can see in the photo how Rosabelle and her little boy love each other.

If you’re thinking about giving a Goldendoodle as a pet, let us help you find the perfect puppy!