Why do Goldendoodle Puppies make great companions?

Why do Goldendoodle Puppies make great companions?


Why do Goldendoodle Puppies make great companions?


Well, to be honest…there are lots of reasons why goldendoodle puppies make GREAT companions! But I would say , first off…it’s got to be their love for people…

Goldendoodles are extremely smart and they truly love to please their human companion. They catch on quickly and you can train them to do most anything.

Did you know that goldendoodles are used all the time in the therapy and service dog world?

That right there, should tell you a little bit about how smart they are!

Once you add a Goldendoodle to your family, you will wonder what took you so long. They are truly like four legged, furry humans. We are blessed with

wonderful clients that LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, their doodles..It is truly amazing to see the love this wonderful breed brings into a home.

We have several of our goldendoodle puppies that have grown up in to full grown, goldendoodle super stars!

Not to mention several of them have became so famous, they have their own instagram account.

Heck, you can check it out yourself…go to instagram and follow @cmackadoodle

1. Here he is being Too Coooooool for school!


2. Here is @cmackadoodle trying to get a little reading in before bed time!


3. This is Dan and his sister, getting a great photo session in..and yes, they are both Platinum Goldies past goldendoodle puppies!!


4. This is Bud, he is in training to be a therapy dog for a little boy with Autism! Yaaa!


5. Fifa, making every lick count!! Yummy!

goldendoodle puppies

6. This little jewel, loves to play dress up!!

goldendoodle puppies

7. This guy right here is one of our past Teddy Bear goldendoodle puppies..He’s adorable..and that’s an understatement!

teddy bear goldendoodles

8. The love between a boy and his dog…10402429_555492774554617_2318366985790781611_n

And these are just a few reasons why adding a goldendoodle puppy to your life, would be a great idea…They love unconditionally, they are loyal, they will always be glad to see you.

They listen better than most humans…you can trust a goldendoodle!

Not to mention they shed little to none and are allergy friendly.

So, don’t wait! Call today and let the girls here at Platinum Goldies, help you find that just right goldendoodle pupy!


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