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Goldendoodle puppies are the best puppies around! We may be a little bias, but we have MANY past customers that would agree with us! We raise top-quality goldendoodle puppies on our farm in the heart of the Ozark mountains. We take pride in raising our puppies to be socialized and sweet when they meet their forever families. One might ask why I consider this breed to the “best”? Well, for one they are just too darn cute! But, in all reality goldendoodles are such versatile dogs that  meet the needs of so many people. We currently have 4 “classroom trained” therapy dogs in schools around the state of Arkansas, we have 2 “medical assistant” dogs, and we have many loving companions that have all been raised at Platinum Goldendoodles. We goldendoodle puppies goldendoodle puppies have been working hard to get our puppies into elementary schools, because they are creating such success within the schools for the students. Many of our goldendoodle puppies are becoming “family members”, to so many students. This breed is an all around breed that doesn’t disappoint. With that being said, they do take time and training. Goldendoodles are very smart and eager to learn animals, but like anything else they take time and patience. If you’re interested in one of these amazing animals please let the girls at Platinum Goldendoodles help you find the “perfect fit” for you or your family! Call us today to let us find the perfect goldendoodle for you!

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goldendoodle puppies goldendoodle puppies goldendoodle puppies goldendoodle puppies goldendoodle puppies

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