Goldendoodle Grooming Needs

Goldendoodles are known for having charming personalities and thick, gorgeous coats. Taking care of these luxurious and fluffy coats may seem intimidating, but care and maintenance for a Goldendoodle’s coat isn’t as difficult as you might think. Goldendoodle grooming needs are pretty straightforward.

Taking care of Goldendoodle grooming needs at home

Maybe you don’t want to take your Goldendoodle in for professional grooming, or maybe you want to keep his coat looking nice in between trips to the groomer. There are things that you can do to maintain your Goldendoodle’s coat at home.

Don’t bathe your Goldendoodle more than once a month unless he gets into something dirty or smelly. Bathing too often can dry out a dog’s skin, which can cause itching and dander buildup. Choose a good quality shampoo and conditioner for your Goldendoodle, and be sure to brush his coat before and after baths.

Many owners prefer to brush their Goldendooodle daily, but you can often get by with brushing your Goldendoodle once or twice a week. Brush your Goldendoodle more frequently for a cleaner and tidier coat.

Don’t just brush the tips of the hair, however; make sure that you brush all the way down to the skin. Failing to do so almost guarantees that your Goldendoodle will develop mats and knots in his coat. If neglected for too long, the only way you will be able to remove these knots and mats is by cutting them out or clipping your Goldendoodle’s coat very short.

You also need to trim the hair above your Goldendoodle’s eyes regularly so he can see.

Take your Goldendoodle for walks every day. This is good for your dog’s health and it also helps keep his claws short.

How often should a Goldendoodle go to the groomer?

How often you take your Goldendoodle in for grooming really depends on what you want your Goldendoodle to look like. You don’t have to go to the groomer at all if you like a more wild, spirited look.

However, you should take your Goldendoodle to a professional groomer at least twice a year to keep his coat clean and manageable. Go once at the beginning of summer and once at the end of summer. This helps keep your Goldenoodle cool in the summer, and gives enough time for his coat to grow out for the winter.

If you prefer shorter hair, you should take your Goldendoodle in for grooming at least once every six to eight weeks. For longer hair, schedule a visit every eight to 10 weeks.

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