Looking for a Goldendoodle ? | Goldendoodle Puppies


Have you and your family been actively looking for a Goldendoodle ?

Well, Goldendoodles are super popular and the search for that just right one, can be a little over whelming. But don’t give up, because you are on the right track.

As I am sure you know my now, there are lots of different kinds of Doodles in this world. They can range in color, size, f1, f1b, mutli generational…etc.

At Platinum Goldendoodles we specialize in raising both the F1 and F1b varieties..F1 is simply a 50/50 cross between a Poodle and a Golden Retriever.

Most all our dogs will be medium to standard in size when full grown approx 50-65 lbs.

With F1 Goldendoodles, you get a dog that has more of a shaggy coat and not as curly.

Now, the F1b is a cross between a Goldendoodle that has been bred back to a Poodle. So, naturally you get a dog that is more curly….because it has more Poodle

in the blood line. This  version is also more hypo allergenic and will not shed.

But no matter the version, all Goldendoodles are smart and easily trained.

Did you know that Goldendoodles are also  very well known in the service and guide dog world?

That’s right…they are super dooper smart, so they make great service and therapy dogs. We have several puppies that have moved on to be

service dogs for children, not to mention the goldendoodle puppies that have moved on to become Educational Therapy Dogs in our schools!

Charlie is just one of our puppies that has became an Educational Therapy Dog!

The kids love reading to him!

educational therapy dog

We would love to help you find the perfect Goldendoodle, give us a call today if you have any quesitons!