How to Keep Your Goldendoodle Cool in the Summer

How to Keep Your Goldendoodle Cool in the Summer

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How to Keep Your Goldendoodle Cool in the Summer

Summer time is here and that means, we need to be aware of the heat and how it affects our Doodles.

You maybe ready for all sorts of fun summer time activity with your dog, but let’s slow down and

make sure they are. You can bet, if you are feeling the heat, so are they!

As all Doodle owners know, Goldendoodles and Labradoodles all have very thick coats, almost like

sheep wool. So, the first thing we recommend at Platinum Goldies is to shave your Doodle.  I know,

I know, most Doodle owners love the longer shaggy look,  but let’s face it, you aren’t the one wearing it.

Heatstroke’s are very possible in dogs and we want to go the extra mile to make sure that doesn’t

happen to your best friend. Did you know that per research 50% of dogs that suffer from a

heatstroke wont survive? These happen when a dogs body temperature rises above 106 F.

Warning Signs you dog is too HOT:






A dog will cool off by panting and by drinking water…so always  make sure they have good shade

and plenty of fresh clean water.  If you can provide them with a pool to jump in and go for a quick

swim, then do it! Even kiddy pools make great cool off spots for dogs. Look on pinterest for some

cool popsicle’s you and  your kids can make for your four legged family member. There are lot’s of

ways to help your dog stay cool this summer…fans work great, a big shade tree, or bring them

inside if needed. They love cool concrete…so let them hang out under a fan in your garage!

If you have any great ideas, please comment back and let us know!!

***Never Leave them in your vehicle***

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